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Paula and Jen, Downers Grove

Our mother left us a house with 60 years worth of belongings, and the heartbreak of combing through Mom's collections was overwhelming. After many firm decisions and changes as to what we do with it all, we called Sue at Spaces of Tranquility. Sue was a blessing. On her initial visit, she listened to us, then looked at what was in the house. She made great suggestions which included an Estate Sale. We were excited about her unique methods of setting up the house and running the sale. Sue has a lot of experience, and although at first we were uncertain with one of her suggestions, in the end she was absolutely correct and we 100% understood her genius. The sale was a great success. She is a delightful person, and extremely comfortable to talk with. She's friendly yet very professional. She knows the business and respects her clients while preserving the path to a successful outcome. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. Yes, I highly recommend hiring Sue and her wonderful staff at Spaces of Tranquility.


Nancy, Aurora


I have nothing but excellent things to say about Sue and her girls with Spaces of Tranquility.  My mother recently passed away and we had to get their home cleaned out to sell.  Sue and her girls worked their butts off as it was a hoarders home and after a month of cleaning it up, orchestrating an estate sale and finally cleaning it out, the home was finally ready to be put on the market to sell.  I feel I made a wonderful friend with Sue and I highly highly would recommend Spaces of Tranquility to everyone!  


Raym, Chicago


Thank you Sue and the Space of Tranquility Team!!  You took on a project that was an emotional and painful burden and treated me and my family with divinity and respect.  From estimate, to Estate Sale set up, and all the way through the arduous clean out process post sale - you ALL were true pros.  I never thought my parents home would have stuff that people would want, but you proved me wrong, and even after it was done - you and your Miracle worker team dug in deep to clean the home out.  My shoulders feel 1000 times lighter thanks to the dedication of the Spaces of Tranquility Team!  


Cindy, Oakbrook Terrace / Ohio

I had a great experience with Spaces of Tranquility.  I was faced with clearing out my parent’s house after their deaths with 53 years of accumulated stuff, from two states away.  Sue and her staff were fantastic and not only ran the estate sale, but also went thru everything beforehand and handled donations plus clean-up at the end.  They were careful to set aside items for me that they felt were family history or important papers.  Sue was great at communicating what was happening during the whole process.  I highly recommend Spaces of Tranquility!  5 stars!!

Diane and Jim, Downers Grove


My husband and I recently sold our house where we had lived for 37 years and downsized.  Well, I found out quickly that one can accumulate a lot of “stuff” over 37 years! Plus it was a big house with lots of accumulating space!!!


I was overwhelmed with where to start in the process of getting rid of so many things. Someone suggested an estate sale. I wasn’t  familiar with estate sales and had never even been to one!


And then someone suggested I meet with Sue from Spaces of Tranquility.  I did - and I was so happy I did! She immediately made me feel at ease and that I was in good hands. 


Sue did a lot of presale work leaving me time to concentrate on other aspects of moving. I learned there’s a lot to do for an estate sale - but Sue did it all! 


Then the sale came and again there was a lot of hard work - for Sue! Not for me! She and her workers, Kristy and Lisa, were so easy to work with, were professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and really worked hard. 


The sale was a success! We got rid of a lot of things and made some money doing it. I would recommend having as estate sale to anyone who is moving and doesn’t want to take all the possessions they have with them. And I would certainly recommend Sue Brigham as the person to call for that sale!!! 

Lore, Napeville

Thank you to Spaces of Tranquility and Sue for handling my estate sale. Not only did I give you a very short time frame but you also managed to sell almost everything I had! Your organization skills and professionalism truly show how you and your company are one of the best in the industry. I cannot tell you how much stress you took out of this move. I would highly recommend anyone considering having an estate sale to use you.

Victoria, Western Springs

We started in my kitchen. I had an organizer come in the past and spend a couple hours moving around some cabinets. Final result was ok. Sue transformed my kitchen. We spent a whole day going through every single space in my kitchen, cleared counters, donated items, tossed others. It’s been a little over a year and I still feel the way I did when she left, it’s maintained it’s clear and clean energy and looks amazing!


Next, we moved to my closet. I thought I had donated a few bags of clothes before she came and wasn’t expecting us to take all day on the closet. Well, once again I was wrong :). We went through every single drawer, I found Blockbuster movie rental cards, yes, multiple cards, AND over $500 in gift cards in old purses! Actually made money having Sue!! Color coordinated everything and changed the bins to make more sense while moving around my space. It truly is a tranquil space now! And, over a year later, it’s still just as clean as it was when she left. She goes into so much detail and listens to you so you don’t have to clean it out again in the future!


Basement was a disaster! Once again, donated, tossed and kept all the meaningful toys and items. We now spend time in the basement and it’s a beautiful space I never knew we had in our house! I actually have an office I can use during quarantine!


Garages were a complete disaster. Clutter from the 10 years we’ve lived here! We donated all the baby toys my kids no longer used, hung up the bikes, and I’m now able to park my car in the garage, which I haven’t been able to do since we moved in!! We were able to sell some things in the outer garage and again, almost paid for Sue’s time! She really is helpful on what to keep, what to sell and what to donate. 


Finally, we just went through my kids rooms! Turned my 7 year old’s nursery/baby room, into a big girl room! After rearranging, clearing out and changing up the bedding (spent under $100 on amazon), my daughter walked in with the biggest smile on her face! My son’s room was the same, moved the furniture around to have a better flow, and clear out all remnants of a baby room. Next, on to the baby’s closet. We went through all clothes that had been donated and passed down from over the years and kept what she liked and wears! We moved the cabinets around so she can grab her clothes and dress herself now! She walked into the closet and gasped and said “I can reach everything now!” 


Again, to say Sue has organized my house doesn’t do the statement justice. She has changed our whole space!! My kids have learned to organize their toys and keep everything in proper bins. Cleaning up for them is fun and easy! I went from living a clean life, to now a de-cluttered one! If things don’t have meaning and value in my life, I get rid of them. Sue’s been so helpful and I am so grateful for her work!

Lauren, Downers Grove


We used Spaces of Tranquility for a demo sale earlier this month and could not have been happier with our experience! Sue took care of absolutely EVERYTHING from start to finish- we didn’t have to do a thing! She communicated with us before, during, and after the sale, and always kept us informed about what was happening. She was extremely organized and professional and it was a pleasure to work with her throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Spaces of Tranquility to anyone looking to do an estate or demo sale!

Rhody and Barry, Mundelein

We used Sue Brigham from Spaces of Tranquility for our estate sale.  From start to finish, we were impressed with Sue and her staff.  She was incredibly organized, knowledgeable and always on our side trying to get the best dollar for our items.  We were more than pleased with the revenues she was able to secure in the sale.  All of Sue’s employees were well trained and personable and executed their roles during the sale perfectly.  Spaces of Tranquility is a well oiled machined.  We would recommend her services to anyone. 



Kathy, Woodridge

Selling a family home after so many years is a very stressful time.  We reached out to Sue at Spaces of Tranquility for help.  She swept in and made order out of chaos in no time!  Her company name is apt - our family home was transformed to a tranquil place after she and her crew hosted our estate sale.


We are so thankful to Sue and her employees for all that they did to assist us in this trying time.  She lightened our family's load.  We will be forever grateful.  Thank you, Sue.

Angie and Todd, Vernon Hills

I was fortunate to notice a sign for Spaces of Tranquility in my neighborhood one day, and contacted Sue.  Since we were downsizing, I would not have been able to find space for much of what we had in our home.  She successfully sold the majority of our furniture before we sold our home.  Sue’s business is unique, efficient, and effective.  She took all of the stress out of dealing with getting rid of our furniture and other items, and we were able to buy all new furniture for our townhouse!  

Claudine, Downers Grove


So after a consultation last week, one week later we have a completed painted family room.  The outdated window treatments are gone, doors are painted, new color in room and trim is white....Waiting on new flooring and window treatments and then the final look! Thank you Sue for coming in and making our family room cozy and beautiful.  You made this process totally stress free with your efficiency and professionalism!!!!  Thanks again. 


Gwen and Kurt, Shorewood

We were overwhelmed with what to do with the house contents of our parent's home with both my brother and I living out of state. With only our other sister living close, we did not feel it was fair to put all the burden of taking care of the home.  We met Sue and Spaces of Tranquility through a reference and hit if of immediately.  She is understanding and will listen to your every need and find ways for it to happen.  Sue and her team were remarkable to the quality of skill they brought to our home.  Thank you so much for taking an overwhelming task and making it less stressful.

Mindy and Alanna, Downers Grove

I can’t say enough about Sue and her staff at Spaces of Tranquility!  My mother is a hoarder and although I had spent months trying to go through rooms, sort things, toss stuff out and see what I could salvage, I was finally overwhelmed and was ready to throw in the towel.  A friend of mine had referred me to Sue and I wish I had called her months before I finally did!!


I met with Sue the week before Thanksgiving, 2017, and was very impressed with her straight forward approach as to how to tackle my mother’s home situation.  She gave me estimates, time frames and the expectations of what she and her crew could accomplish. They started the very next week.  In just a brief period of time they had sifted through over 15 years of ‘stuff,’ pulled up old carpeting to reveal beautiful hardwood floors that I never knew existed.  Sue held estate sales for my mother as well and did amazing work with organizing and getting everything set up—there were lines out the door.


After the estate sales were finished, Sue and her amazing crew came back to the house, did a total clean out and were able to donate a lot of items that still had some value.  My mom’s house went on the market about 2 weeks after the clean out and she had multiple offers within 3 days.  If I hadn’t had the help of Sue and Spaces of Tranquility it would have taken me years!!  Many thanks to Spaces of Tranquility!


Bill and Beth, Libertyville

Sue Brigham and Spaces of Tranquility were recommended by our realtor for an estate sale.  My wife and I were impressed by the amount of time she spent in telling us all that was involved.  After we paid her a reasonable down payment, she did everything from pricing to photos of our items to listing them on multiple websites and hosting a 3 day sale.  At the completion of the sale she moved all of the unsold items from our house.  She gave us a check for 80% of the sold items. It was a painless experience.



Shawn Scott, Idaho / Joliet

I worked with Sue this past fall / winter 2017 on the rehab home in Joliet.  This was my parent's home, and unfortunately the renters, who took occupancy after they moved, completely trashed the place.  I live in Idaho, and I was initially very concerned about working on a project of this magnitude from across the country but Sue could not have been any better!  She constantly kept me informed, made financial transactions easy, and worked to ensure that we received maximum value from all the sub-projects. It has been a joy to work with you on this, THANK YOU SUE!

Jan and Ron, Woodridge, IL

If you're shopping for a hard working owner and crew for your home needs (see what many services they offer) go no further!!!!  There is NO WAY that my husband and I could have made it to today (MOVING DAY!!!) without Sue, Lauren and Rae.  Sue, you and your gals should have your theme "I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!!!!" I've never seen such strength in the fairer sex!!! You all have such great personalities and I'm sure because of this you got some very nice sales!!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts... I know you didn't make a huge profit from us....but you still treated us like VIPs .......


Chuck and Joy, Darien, IL

If you are looking for someone to handle your estate when you move, Spaces of Tranquility is the company to contact.  They took care of us all the way through, from assistance in selling and removing items from our home, large to small, to making sure the home was "walk-thru" ready.  We felt overwhelmed, and Spaces of Tranquility helped us relax by organizing and working diligently without any direction from us.  We were able to stay in contact with them at all times.  Thank you Sue and Spaces of Tranquility, for making our moving experience much easier than we had anticipated.

Sharon, Arizona/ Glendale Heights


I have been in Illinois since May, helping my brother through a very serious illness, which resulted in him having to sell his home and move to Arizona with me. I was so overwhelmed with this task, I didn't know where to begin, until I spoke to Sue with Spaces of Tranquility on the telephone. Her concern for me and what she would soon do for me, impressed me right from that phone call. They had an estate sale, after that they boxed everything that was for donation and removed it from the house. They also totally cleaned out my brothers basement and garage of all his VERY HEAVY woodworking tools, wood etc. Sue kept in touch always with their progress and suggestions. When they were finished, they had accomplished what I thought was impossible. I could NEVER THANK THEM ENOUGH for all their help, listening and compassion for my situation. I'm SO VERY THANKFUL for them, that phone call and what they does. Sue, YOU and YOUR CREW are THE BEST and all you did for me is MUCH APPRECIATED. Just KEEP WORKING YOUR MAGIC.


Rose Hollis, Re/Max of Naperville


I had a new listing that was a foreclosure, and was not only very neglected, but abused in the final stages of the foreclosure.  It required cleanup and clean out, as well as various stages of rehabbing.  Spaces of Tranquility was instrumental in coordinating my requirements with their vendor contacts, and supervised much of the work.  They went beyond expectations!  Their level of responsibility and integrity pushed this job forward, and their pride in the results were deserving.  Spaces of Tranquility was referred to me by an associate of mine. The owner, Sue Brigham, was a delightful surprise of integrity, honesty and reliability!  Spaces of Tranquility is my go to vendor from now on!


Carie Holzl, Keller Williams Realty


I have worked with Sue and Spaces of Tranquility on a number of projects and I view them as a true partner in offering top notch customer service and helping my clients achieve their selling goals. Sue is extremely versatile and customizes her services based on the needs of the client which I find invaluable because sellers today all have unique needs and a one-size-fits all solution just won’t work in our marketplace. They tackles every project with enthusiasm and creativity and does an amazing job keeping all moving parts going in the right direction! 


Having Sue and Spaces of Tranquility as a resource has helped my business and brings so much value to my clients. I’m so grateful to have her!



Michelle Tseng, john greene Realtor


As a real estate agent, I have had the opportunity to work with several service providers.  Recently I had to list my mother’s home, and was in need of assistance selling several items that were in the home.  I chose to use a company called Spaces of Tranquility that had been recommended to me by another agent.  My family could not have been more pleased by our choice.  We were not allowed to have an estate sale in the home due to subdivision regulations, but Sue was able to problem solve some solutions for us.  As a result almost all of the items we wanted to sell were sold in about 2 weeks, and we made more than we expected.  Once we completed the selling process, Sue even offered to assist us in donating the few remaining items.  Having to clear out our mother’s home was sad and stressful, and having Sue made it so much easier.  She was reliable, organized, and really took a lot off our shoulders.  One of my clients has also used her services, and found the experience to be a positive one.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my clients. 




Rachel from Darien, IL and West Virginia


I was able to convince my 79 year old aunt to move from Darien, IL to WV to be closer to family as she lives by herself.  She commissioned Spaces of Tranquility to pack and box her stuff and have them ready for the movers.  Moving can be quite stressful and emotional.  I can't thank her enough for making my aunt's move uneventful, stress- free and worry-free.  She was very helpful in every way, accommodated every request we made and made every attempt to respect my aunt's wishes.  She stayed in touch with me by phone and kept me abreast of what was going on while she was packing my aunt's stuff.  I was very impressed by her organizational skills.  She made arrangements for a dumpster to be delivered to my aunt's house, disposed of all the materials that couldn't go in the dumpster (old paint, oil, gasoline, etc) and she also helped us load the U-haul that we rented for my aunt's plants.  She also went as far as letting my aunt's neighbors know about the move date so they could expect vehicles coming and going and parking by the curb.  She also came by my aunt's house the day the movers loaded her stuff into their  truck just to check up on how things were going.  She also stopped by my aunt's house a few days after we left Illinois to check on her mail and had it forwarded to her.  We couldn't have done it without her.  I highly recommend Spaces of Tranquility for their services.  Sue Brigham didn't disappoint us.
Thank you so much Sue!



D,G & A from Palatine, IL


We cannot thank Sue enough for the peace of mind she has given to us.  The prior attempts we made to organize our house were unsuccessful. We had the best intentions but neither the time nor the commitment to truly get the job done. We found Spaces of Tranquility on Groupon. We were a bit nervous going into the whole process but at that point we had to do something. We dreaded coming home and facing all the clutter. We were pleasantly surprised when we first met Sue. She was so down to earth. She really understood our needs and respected our wishes and concerns. She was with us every step of the way in the process. We were thinking about selling our home in a few years because of the space and clutter issues. We now are rethinking that. We have our home back and our peace of mind. We feel as if we can now enjoy our home rather than existing in it.


Thank you again Sue!!

You are always welcome in our home.

You will forever have a space in our hearts.



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