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Sara, Villa Park

Spaces of Tranquility recently ran an estate sale for our family. My siblings and I had the task of cleaning out our childhood family home. There was 62 years of accumulation!   We thought we could handle a sale ourselves but quickly found out that it was more work than we imagined. How to price, get the word out and handle customers was not in my wheelhouse  Enter Sue and Spaces of Tranquility. I appreciated Sue’s upfront and honest assessment. The sale went very well and we were happy with the results. 

Thank you Sue!


Karen and Bob, Libertyville


Moving to a new state - planning to bring nothing much but clothes. Panic! How do we get rid of 15 years of stuff along with a four bedroom house full of furniture! We were given the number for Spaces of Tranquility by our realtor, so we gave her a call and they immediately got back to us. We set up a time to meet and after an informative conversation Sue was able to put together a plan that would accommodate our schedule. Crazy as it seems, we moved out prior to closing and left the estate sale, clean up and walk thru prep in the hands of Sue and her team. Every time I would call with worry or concern, she immediately got back to us and reassured us with clear cut answers. Sale went as planned and house was left in perfect condition for closing. It’s not in our nature to leave something so critical to someone else, but I can honestly say, the whole process was handled better than we could have imagined. I would recommend Spaces of Tranquility without hesitation!


Ed and Lori, Darien


Spaces of Tranquility has been a wonderful partner to navigate through the entire estate sale process.  I had recently lost both my parents who lived in their house a very long time and had accumulated a lifetime of collectible items.  I was put in a position where we had to sell what we could so we could free up the house for future sale.  Spaces of Tranquility ensured we had the house items in order for sale, did a tremendous job of marketing the sale thru the internet and advertisements, pricing the items, and executing the sale.  Cars were lined up and down our block throughout the sale and we were able to sell the majority of items that were in the house.  Once the sale was completed Spaces of Tranquility gave me a full inventory of items that were sold and the prices they were sold at.   This was a reasonable, pricewise and cost-efficient way for us to navigate through my parents estate and we made a good profit as a bonus!  Thank you Spaces of Tranquility for helping my family in a friendly, understanding, and patient way to get through this difficult process.  I could not have done this without you!  I would strongly recommend them to anyone that was ever put in my position.


Chris, Elgin / Seattle, WA


Sue and the rest of the Spaces of Tranquility team were complete life savers during what was a very challenging time. After the unexpected passing of a family member we faced the daunting task of clearing out a home that had amassed multiple generations worth of belongings, made all the more complicated by the fact that the family members taking on this task all live out of state. We met with several estate sale companies ranging from large scale outfits to small 1-2 person teams. None seemed to fit the bill of what we were looking for, the large companies lacked the personal touch while the smaller companies often appeared to lack the resources needed to take on the task we were facing. But as soon as we met Sue it was obvious that she fit perfectly in the middle and was more than up to the challenge of organizing and sifting through all of the belongings, hosting the estate sale, and then taking on the after sale clean-out. The other thing that made Sue stand out to us was her attention to detail and ability to look beyond just sellable merchandise, she saw the entire challenge we were facing. During our initial walkthrough she pointed out several items that may traditionally be outside the scope of an estate sale sale that she could help us coordinate, which was immensely helpful considering we could not be at the house all the time. In addition we really appreciate Sue’s online pre-sale approach as a means to maximize opportunities for selling as much as possible. Overall we are extremely thrilled with the outcome of all the work Sue did for our family and appreciative of her proactive approach, attention to detail, and willingness to hear our thoughts and concerns and find solutions. I would absolutely recommend Sue and the Spaces of Tranquility team without any hesitation to anyone seeking estate sale services.Chris, ElginNovember 2023

Sue, Darien

After the passing of my mother, I was left with the task of going thru and cleaning her years worth of collections, photos, clothing, furniture and craft supplies. Spaces of Tranquility with Sue and her employees are the best folks to work with. They are kind, direct, and have a vast knowledge of all things relating to estate sales. They managed everything from preparing for the estate sale, the actual sale, donations, clean outs and left me with a spotless, empty house for closing. Sue kept me on task, on schedule and made a stressful time so much easier with their help. Thank you is just not enough for all they did!!!


Ann & Ted Phillips, Libertyville

We were considering running our own estate sale to save on commissions. After our realtor recommended Sue, we took the time to meet with her and go over her services. There was no doubt that we would use her after our first meeting. We quickly recognized there is alot of behind the scenes work that goes into an estate sale and decided it was best suited for someone like Sue to handle all the details, including the on-line sales, of which we had no clue. Sue is a pro! She has a direct communication style that makes the whole process easier. If you give her the reins and let her run--your estate sale will be a success! We trusted her judgement on everything and were pleased with the final results of our sale. Sue also has a very friendly staff that managed the sale with her, which put us as ease. We relied on her expertise and experience and were very happy with her hard work and dedication to our sale.

Paula and Jen, Downers Grove

Our mother left us a house with 60 years worth of belongings, and the heartbreak of combing through Mom's collections was overwhelming. After many firm decisions and changes as to what we do with it all, we called Sue at Spaces of Tranquility. Sue was a blessing. On her initial visit, she listened to us, then looked at what was in the house. She made great suggestions which included an Estate Sale. We were excited about her unique methods of setting up the house and running the sale. Sue has a lot of experience, and although at first we were uncertain with one of her suggestions, in the end she was absolutely correct and we 100% understood her genius. The sale was a great success. She is a delightful person, and extremely comfortable to talk with. She's friendly yet very professional. She knows the business and respects her clients while preserving the path to a successful outcome. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. Yes, I highly recommend hiring Sue and her wonderful staff at Spaces of Tranquility.


Nancy, Aurora


I have nothing but excellent things to say about Sue and her girls with Spaces of Tranquility.  My mother recently passed away and we had to get their home cleaned out to sell.  Sue and her girls worked their butts off as it was a hoarders home and after a month of cleaning it up, orchestrating an estate sale and finally cleaning it out, the home was finally ready to be put on the market to sell.  I feel I made a wonderful friend with Sue and I highly highly would recommend Spaces of Tranquility to everyone!  


Raym, Chicago


Thank you Sue and the Space of Tranquility Team!!  You took on a project that was an emotional and painful burden and treated me and my family with divinity and respect.  From estimate, to Estate Sale set up, and all the way through the arduous clean out process post sale - you ALL were true pros.  I never thought my parents home would have stuff that people would want, but you proved me wrong, and even after it was done - you and your Miracle worker team dug in deep to clean the home out.  My shoulders feel 1000 times lighter thanks to the dedication of the Spaces of Tranquility Team!  


Cindy, Oakbrook Terrace / Ohio

I had a great experience with Spaces of Tranquility.  I was faced with clearing out my parent’s house after their deaths with 53 years of accumulated stuff, from two states away.  Sue and her staff were fantastic and not only ran the estate sale, but also went thru everything beforehand and handled donations plus clean-up at the end.  They were careful to set aside items for me that they felt were family history or important papers.  Sue was great at communicating what was happening during the whole process.  I highly recommend Spaces of Tranquility!  5 stars!!

Rhody and Barry, Mundelein

We used Sue Brigham from Spaces of Tranquility for our estate sale.  From start to finish, we were impressed with Sue and her staff.  She was incredibly organized, knowledgeable and always on our side trying to get the best dollar for our items.  We were more than pleased with the revenues she was able to secure in the sale.  All of Sue’s employees were well trained and personable and executed their roles during the sale perfectly.  Spaces of Tranquility is a well oiled machined.  We would recommend her services to anyone. 


Angie and Todd, Vernon Hills

I was fortunate to notice a sign for Spaces of Tranquility in my neighborhood one day, and contacted Sue.  Since we were downsizing, I would not have been able to find space for much of what we had in our home.  She successfully sold the majority of our furniture before we sold our home.  Sue’s business is unique, efficient, and effective.  She took all of the stress out of dealing with getting rid of our furniture and other items, and we were able to buy all new furniture for our townhouse!  


Mindy and Alanna, Downers Grove

I can’t say enough about Sue and her staff at Spaces of Tranquility!  My mother is a hoarder and although I had spent months trying to go through rooms, sort things, toss stuff out and see what I could salvage, I was finally overwhelmed and was ready to throw in the towel.  A friend of mine had referred me to Sue and I wish I had called her months before I finally did!!


I met with Sue the week before Thanksgiving, 2017, and was very impressed with her straight forward approach as to how to tackle my mother’s home situation.  She gave me estimates, time frames and the expectations of what she and her crew could accomplish. They started the very next week.  In just a brief period of time they had sifted through over 15 years of ‘stuff,’ pulled up old carpeting to reveal beautiful hardwood floors that I never knew existed.  Sue held estate sales for my mother as well and did amazing work with organizing and getting everything set up—there were lines out the door.


After the estate sales were finished, Sue and her amazing crew came back to the house, did a total clean out and were able to donate a lot of items that still had some value.  My mom’s house went on the market about 2 weeks after the clean out and she had multiple offers within 3 days.  If I hadn’t had the help of Sue and Spaces of Tranquility it would have taken me years!!  Many thanks to Spaces of Tranquility!


Shawn Scott, Idaho / Joliet

I worked with Sue this past fall / winter 2017 on the rehab home in Joliet.  This was my parent's home, and unfortunately the renters, who took occupancy after they moved, completely trashed the place.  I live in Idaho, and I was initially very concerned about working on a project of this magnitude from across the country but Sue could not have been any better!  She constantly kept me informed, made financial transactions easy, and worked to ensure that we received maximum value from all the sub-projects. It has been a joy to work with you on this, THANK YOU SUE!


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