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We work with families who are executors of estates, many who live out of state, that need help coordinating and orchestrating a home before the home goes on the market, during the selling process and before it closes to the new home buyer.  For numerous reasons we can help these families take care of multiple purposes to get a home closed out from an estate.  


Some of the services we provide are the following:

  • Go through the home to gather all important papers, family memories and items of value to be given back to family members.

  • Staging a home for an estate sale and executing a sale for a set amount of days or weekends depending on the size of the home.

  • Acquiring a dumpster to throw out all trash or non-donatable items whether orchestrating an estate sale or not.

  • Pack up the entire home with ALL items deemed donatable to ready for a donation company.

  • Broom clean a home to ready for close.

  • Orchestrate utilities to be turned off, mail forwarded, cable and internet devices returned.

  • And anything else that might be needed.

We work with many real estate agents through-out the Chicagoland area and can keep them updated or the families on the progress or any other information that might be needed to give.

Click on the photo for more information in regards to the job.

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