Estate Sales


Orchestrating estate sales:


Whether you need the remaining furniture and other items sold as you move from one home to another or need an entire house cleaned of its contents; our job is to make this as easy of an experience for you.


How the process works...


  • Our consultation is always free.  On the first visit we will take a tour of your home and gather information on what items need to sell along with any pertinent information to get the most money for you.  

  • We will then set up dates to come back to the home to organize and set up the home to give the buyers the best opportunity to see all the we are selling.

  • Our sales run from Thursday through Saturday.

  • In the time from our first meet until the sale we are researching all the pieces we need to sell and placing them online to do as much pre-sale as possible.  We will set up specific times to meet with buyers to sell before the sale.  

  • Although we do have a small upfront cost; the percentage we take off the total sale is smaller then most and there is not a minimum back-end fee at the end of the sale.  Our goal is to make as much money as we can for you; given that we have a 25% on the back-end gives us even more of an incentive to sell your items for as much as we can.

  • We price our items to sell.  That does not mean that everything sells for one dollar, however we want to make sure that we sell everything and do not leave much when the sale closes.

  • After the sale we will coordinate, at no extra charge, contacting donation companies for pick up of the remaining items.  IF there are many small pieces that need to be boxed up or you need things just removed, there is a fee for the handling of those services.

  • After the sale we will meet and discuss how everything went along with giving you the funds from the sale.

Finding an estate sale:

Are you looking for that next great estate sale?

Fill out our "contact form" and we will add you to our email mailing list of our upcoming estate sales.  

The following dates are for our upcoming estate sales:

January 16th - 18th - "An Eclectic Beauty"  (Chicago)

January 16th - 18th - "Modern Living"  (Lake Villa)

January 23rd - 25th - "Top Notch"  (Libertyville)

February 6th - 8th - "Coming Out of the Rafters"  (Plainfield)

February 13th - 15th - "Mediterranean Beauty"  (Lockport)

February 27th - 29th - "We Had the Bridal Shower"  (Frankfort)

February 28th - 29th - "Blow Out Days"  (Libertyville)

March 5th - 7th - "Light and Breezy"  (Vernon Hills - Gregg's Landings)

April 2nd - 8th - "Small but Mighty"  (Buffalo Grove)

April 7th - 25th - "Light at the End of the Tunnel"  (Lake Forest)

May 6th - 24th - "A Century of Love" (Downers Grove) ONLINE

June 11th - 13th - "We Are Back" (Downers Grove)

June 18th - 20th - "Smart and Cozy" (Roselle)

June 25th - June 27th - "Honda Fit" (Downers Grove) - ONLINE - SOLD IN ONE DAY

July 16th - 18th - "The Cottage of Hansel and Gretel"  (Downers Grove)

July 23rd - 25th - "For the Love of Jewelry, Gaming and Modern MCM"  (Plainfield)

July 23rd - 25th - "Ready to Stretch Out?  (Libertyville)

July 30th - August 1st - "America"  (Downers Grove)

August 20th - 22nd - "Moving the Essentials Only" (Woodridge)

August 27th - 29th - "Down to the Studs"  (Downers Grove)

September 3rd - 5th - "Lightspeed Action" (Naperville)

Click on the "house" below to see the full listing of an upcoming estate sale via estate


Midwest Love

October 22nd - 24th


We Have It All

October 16th - 17th

Crest Hill

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