2020 Estate Sales


January 16th - 18th - "An Eclectic Beauty"  (Chicago)

January 16th - 18th - "Modern Living"  (Lake Villa)

January 23rd - 25th - "Top Notch"  (Libertyville)

February 6th - 8th - "Coming Out of the Rafters"  (Plainfield)

February 13th - 15th - "Mediterranean Beauty"  (Lockport)

February 27th - 29th - "We Had the Bridal Shower"  (Frankfort)

February 28th - 29th - "Blow Out Days"  (Libertyville)

March 5th - 7th - "Light and Breezy"  (Vernon Hills - Gregg's Landings)

April 2nd - 8th - "Small but Mighty"  (Buffalo Grove)

April 7th - 25th - "Light at the End of the Tunnel"  (Lake Forest)

May 6th - 24th - "A Century of Love" (Downers Grove) ONLINE

June 11th - 13th - "We Are Back" (Downers Grove)

June 18th - 20th - "Smart and Cozy" (Roselle)

June 25th - June 27th - "Honda Fit" (Downers Grove) - ONLINE - SOLD IN ONE DAY

July 16th - 18th - "The Cottage of Hansel and Gretel"  (Downers Grove)

July 23rd - 25th - "For the Love of Jewelry, Gaming and Modern MCM"  (Plainfield)

July 23rd - 25th - "Ready to Stretch Out?  (Libertyville)

July 30th - August 1st - "America"  (Downers Grove)

August 20th - 22nd - "Moving the Essentials Only" (Woodridge)

August 27th - 29th - "Down to the Studs"  (Downers Grove)

September 3rd - 5th - "Lightspeed Action" (Naperville)

October 16th - 17th - "We Have It All"  (Cresthill)

October 22nd - 24th - "Midwest Love"  (Libertyville)

November 21st - December 20th - "Unique Situation"  (ONLINE)

December 3rd - 5th - "Pack A Lunch"  (Riverside)

December 3rd - 5th - "Bachelor Pad"  (Riverside)

December 3rd - 5th - "Beautifully Crafted"  (Libertyville)

December 10th - 12th - "Timeless Beauties" (Aurora)

December 17th - 19th - "Pretty in Pink"  (Homer Glen)

December 17th - 19th - "Comfy and Cozy"  (Montgomery)

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