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Weekly Serenity

As we move into fall and we sadly need to tuck away those halter tops and shorts, make a promise to yourself by taking the next year to finally let go of those clothes that no longer fit OR what is outdated or not the style you wear anymore.

Follow these easy steps for a more organized closet...

1. Reverse all your hangers as shown in the photo below so they are all facing backwards for your fall / winter clothes.

2. As you decide what you are wearing on a day and pull that shirt / pants from their hangers; flip the hanger the correct way to indicate that you are still loving that item and plan to wear it also again in the future.

3. As the days / weeks go on, take a look at what you have already flipped around and see if you notice a trend in what you are wearing and can already purge some items that you have not turned and know you probably won't by the end of the season.

4. At the end of the season (around April) whatever you haven't flipped is what you donate away or try to sell so you can have money for even more clothes for the following year!

5. Breath a sigh of relief as you now have a "brand new" closet to work from.

6. Repeat all steps above for spring / summer clothes.

* If you purchase any new clothes throughout the season automatically keep the hangers right side way as obviously you bought them for a reason that season.

* As the season goes on, what you might have bought in the past because you felt you should or because those items followed what you already had in your closet, you might not buy them as those were impulse buys which will save you $$$$$

* Go out and spend $20 bucks and buy all the same color hangers...your brain will thank you for it...WE PROMISE YOU!

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