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From our client that we had an estate sale for just a week ago!

My husband and I recently sold our house where we had lived for 37 years and downsized. Well, I found out quickly that one can accumulate a lot of “stuff” over 37 years! Plus it was a big house with lots of accumulating space!!!

I was overwhelmed with where to start in the process of getting rid of so many things. Someone suggested an estate sale. I wasn’t familiar with estate sales and had never even been to one!

And then someone suggested I meet with Sue. I did - and I was so happy I did! She immediately made me feel at ease and that I was in good hands.

Sue did a lot of presale work leaving me time to concentrate on other aspects of moving. I learned there’s a lot to do for an estate sale - but Sue did it all!

Then the sale came and again there was a lot of hard work - for Sue! Not for me! She and her workers, Christy and Lisa, were so easy to work with, were professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and really worked hard.

The sale was a success! We got rid of a lot of things and made some money doing it. I would recommend having as estate sale to anyone who is moving and doesn’t want to take all the possessions they have with them. And I would certainly recommend Sue Brigham as the person to call for that sale!!!

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